The Buffalo Skyway

EXAMPLE: All Aboard For Cumberland - A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary [2010 07 04]

I spent the July 4th weekend of 2010 in Cumberland, Maryland. There is a National Park Service operated coal-fueled railroad and visitors center, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park, directly adjacent and underneath an elevated bridge of highways; 220, 68 and 40. The bridge offered much need shade and access to and from the elevated rail bed. See it on Google maps.

The City of Cumberland completed a bike and pedestrian trail also along the canal front; there were seating areas, small shops of lighter, cheaper, faster buildings, and then we go beyond the infrastructure…people playing frisbee, flags flyer, old people in lawn chair, kids jumping in the river.

Relevance to The Buffalo Skyway:

The Buffalo Skyway crosses over the CanalSide development based on the area’s past as the western terminus of the Erie Canal that was dug from Albany, NY connecting the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson River and the Great Lakes. As exemplified by Cumberland, MD, elevated infrastructure is not a deterrent to historically-accurate and/or new development.

Says Meagan.

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